We are J and K (John and Kelsey) and we really enjoy wine. Finding and investigating wines at our favorite local wine shops in North Carolina is one of our favorite activities, and we are here to share our discoveries. Just a quick side note here, we like each and every wine we have included, and do personally recommend. We have personally tasted and evaluated each and every one of these wines for the following criteria:

  • NOSE
  • BODY

We taste each wine separately so as not to influence one another’s notes, then come together to discuss and share on the site. We also do our best to incorporate the flavors we truly taste, not just those fitting into the categories of the tasting guide.

One of the main inspirations for creating this blog, was to understand more about the pretense that accompanies wine tasting. Many flavors that people claim to “identify” in smelling or tasting wine they have not ever smelled or tasted before. This seemed strange and led us to the idea that maybe part of wine tasting is indoctrinated and that there may be an alternative (and hopefully more accessible) way to approaching wine in general.

The guide on the home page is used by many wine professionals and is to be used here as a point of entry into the wines we have tasted. Moving into the future we are going to add a whole new tier to this wine tasting guide of strange and interesting flavors that we have identified that may be more accurate to us personally. We hope that this guide provides a starting point for you to find your own unique flavors and tastes that exist inside and outside of the bounds the tasting guide provides. Thanks for joining us!